Bring your story into life in VR and AR. More creative ways to interact with people, to eliminate barriers and to build strong engagement.

Pumpkin Studio are specialists in creating simulations and vivid animations that stun audiences with immersive experiences.



From headsets to submarine control panel, our team of engineers make the content we create compatible seamlessly with different platforms to deliver incredible immersive experiences.  

Space Planning

More than 10+ years of experience in this field, we draw, we plan and we design with the synergy of interactive media to take a fixed physique space out of the box.


Our experienced team delivers end-to-end one-stop solutions according to the needs of clients. Not just VR and AR content production, we can assist you in anything related to advanced media. Let's create amazing projects together to wow your audience!

Software ​Development

System​ Integration

Content Production








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7F-6 No.366 Boai 2nd Rd. Zuoying Dist. Kaohsiung City 813, Taiwan

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