VR games

that you will addict to

We believe that a little bit of fun can go a really long way! 

We have created some awesome location-based VR games since 2017 now distributed worldwide. Each year, our work grows and evolves into something more sophisticated and even more ambitious.

Here you will be able to see how much we’ve evolved so far, and you’ll soon understand what makes us recognized as one of the VR leaders in the worldwide gaming industry.

Quantaar, the first multiplayer VR fighting game in 3rd person view, planned to launch on Kickstarter in early 2021.



Coming soon

Fast-paced VR fighting game up to 4.

Either hardcore gamers or casual, this is the game that you will play again and again. Our team of artists, designers, developers and engineers worked tirelessly in order to make this project come to life.

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Interactive VR horror game. Seated VR.

Co-op up to 8.

Taboo - one of our exciting and most popular.

Find out the story hidden behind the doll. Follow your intuition while choosing the questions. She will answer you...

Be careful, you have one chance only.

We created custom buttons that allow players to interact with the game by tapping. 

​Taboo partners with StarVR integrating with its 210-degree VR headset. Taboo has distributed at Sega Japan since 2018.

Pumpkin Studio's storytelling VR horror game Taboo is cooperated with StarVR and distributed at Sega Japan.
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Pumpkin Studio's seated multiplayer VR shooter Iron Gate is distributed by Smilegate in Korea.



360° VR shooter. Seated VR. Co-op up to 4. 

Take a pivot turn from our earlier games. It’s one of our most popular, and by far the most inspiring among our team. It focuses on letting gamers to experience the next-level VR shooting through incredible imagery and action. 

Sit tight, there's no time to hesitate if you want to stay alive. The war will begin once landing.




360° VR shooter. Standing VR. PP Gun.

Co-op up to 5. 

While this is one of our earliest works, it is also one of our most successful and popular games. This game has been distributed across Asia since its release. It merges Chinese vampire - Jiangshi - to the shooting game that does freak people out.

Pumpkin Studio's first  multiplayer VR shooter game, Forbidden Z is now free on Steam.
Pumpkin VR is developing the first Multiplayer VR fighting game Quantaar, ready to launch on Kickstarter 2021.


Next-gen of VR gaming and eSports,

The world's first 3rd person VR fighting game up to 4.

Coming 2021.

Qauntaar is our upcoming fast-paced action-based VR title made for all.

In Quantaar, you can team up with your friends or fight again all. 

Choose your role and get ready to explore the unknown. 

Fight for your victory.

Our out-of-home VR cabinet with old-school control panel to give local players a brand new immersive experience.


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