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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Sit and get ready, Quantaar eliminates the limits of VR Esports.

Most of VR Esports require intensive physique movements that somehow set up strict qualifications for player. With Quantaar: the vizor of oath, players can just sit and put on the VR headset, the game shall begin.

Quantaar follows traditional fighting game logic that enables players to control the game by using joystick and buttons. Its easy-to-play game design then attracts an overwhelming number of players to participate in the VR Esports tournament once the news announced.

After a year of development, Pumpkin Studio showcases its demo VR kiosk at a 11-day VR expo at Syntrend Taipei. With the presence of 4 all-in-one VR kiosks, more than 2500 players waiting in queue to pull out the chair to experience this innovative VR kiosk and the first 3rd person VR fighting game, Quantaar: the vizor of oath.

16 teams joined Quantaar Esports tournament

The VR Esports tournament of Quantaar: the vizor of oath took place on November 9th at Syntrend Taipei, the winner team《管中閔喊在》defeated other teams from 15 universities across Taiwan and won the championship. 

"Everyone masters one character only, " a team member of 《管中閔喊在》reseals their strategy at the tournament was to analyze by using which characters can build up a strong combination as a team. How to build on strengths as a team thus requires a comprehensive understanding of each champion.

More news about Quantaar CMC 2v2 VR Esports tournament:

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