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PumpkinVR: VR game for local and online gamers.

Updated: Aug 17

The innovator of new-gen VR cabinet and VR game.

PumpkinVR, we bring VR gaming to the next level!

After years of experience in location-based entertainment VR (LBEVR), Pumpkin knows the key problems in this space: Replayability and Operation.

There are lots of LBEVR games out there but most of them have a same issue: they are one-time play VR games. Imagine if you would like to play the game again after knowing at what moment zombies will jump out? Imagine if you would pay an extra $6 after being aware that the game is exploding exactly the same way as what you've seen on the monitor?

As LBEVR game is designed under a fixed length of time, there's not many choices for developers to explore whilst making games. From game logic to players' reaction, every detail is set up to pop up on time. That's why the consumers of LBEVR games are casual players who play the games at occasions only. No crossing line lyes between LBEVR games and online VR games.

For operators, LBEVR is a complicated filed to dig in. The generally high operating cost including human resource, rental and equipment investment is the crucial point for them to weight before starting the business. As the popularity of VR is still spreading constantly, LBEVR remains the main access of VR for most of players. However, do operators have the necessity to open an arcade dedicated to VR only? Or how about merge VR facility into a fun center?

One of our LBE VR title Taboo run at Sega Japan

We launched our game-focused VR brand "PumpkinVR" in 2019 with a focus on creating a fun, cool and amazing VR product that has high replayability and can help operators reducing operating cost.

With our abundant experience in VR gaming creation and hardware integration, we are confident that our upcoming product will be a turnkey VR amusement highlight for both business operators and gamers. Stay tuned!

Check out the website of PumpkinVR here for more info.

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