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Pumpkin Studio is recognized as a VR leader in the global gaming industry

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

4 Taiwanese startups were selected by Digi-Capital listing on its latest global VR/AR/XR leaders research report. Pumpkin Studio is a startup and one of the companies that stands out from all the worldwide VR-related companies.

After receiving the huge success from its international cooperation with Japan Sega and Acer (StarVR,) Pumpkin Studio has officially lighted its name with their in-house-made original VR game Taboo in 2018.

Taboo is a multiplayer VR horror game inspired by the movie Annabelle. This storytelling VR game enables players to interact with the game by tapping the buttons. The innovative game design has also won international media exposure and awards.

Taboo trailer at Sega VR, Japan

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