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A golden year 2019 with VR

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

One of the VR leaders in the worldwide gaming industry 2019

The year of 2019 is the year filled with excitement and self-affirmation for Pumpkin Studio. 

We've received several national awards and recognized as leaders of the worldwide gaming industry by Digi-Capital.

Pumpkin Studio is recognized as one of the VR leaders in gaming

Our previous LBVR games (Location-based VR) have been distributed in Asia since 2017. As long as our world-class distributing partners keep expanding their territories, our games have received a massive amount of attention during 2019.

However, we have been relatively quiet compared with our fast-growing visibility among industries and customers.

Pumpkin Studio wins the best startup award from Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) 5G accelerator program. CHT is the biggest telecommunication corporation in Taiwan.

We bring PumpkinVR and Quantaar on stage at Plug and Play Silicon Valley.

We have spent one year building aFUNVR game for everyone

" What are you guys doing then? "

This is the most frequent question we got. Well, as all other developers do, we keep crafting our upcoming VR title, Quantaar: The Visor of Oath. The game has been developing since the end of the year 2018, and its estimated launch time will be in 2020 so sure.

With the huge success in November 2019, we put more effort into this title as we know that players are eager to have more and more. Tons of feedback and "thank you" messages we have received from the players. That's the moment when we started touching the epicenter of "game." As a game developer, love playing game is a no-need-to-express criterion among us, however, there are more I-don't-play-game persons outside and would like to try something new with easy access.

For those who are not considering as TA (Target Audience) but have an interest in VR, we decided to modify Quantaar letting it become a game for all ages and all types of players. 

What can trigger their curiosity? What can make them want to play a game repeatedly  What're the common points between casual and hardcore players? We keep asking ourselves all these questions.

So, even though it's a bit late, but, still a big thank you to 2019! We will soon reveal our next peek moment in 2020!

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